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Cozy cover infant carrier covers provide warmth,

protection and security for your baby.

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The Cozy Combo Pack is the ultimate in summer time protection for your baby. Package contains one Sun & Bug infant carrier cover and one Lightweight Cozy Cover. The Sun & Bug Cover keeps out potentially harmful insects, unwanted touch (great for preemie babies) and the dangerous UV rays from the sun when using the pull down flap. The Lightweight Cozy Cover is weather resistant and protects the baby from rain, wind, cold air and unwanted touch. Fits easily around the infant carrier like a "shower cap" and is machine washable. The Cozy Combo Pack makes for a perfect baby shower gift and is an excellent item for today's busy on-the-go parents like you!

  • Contains two great products that are must have's for the summer
  • Sun & Bug Cover has a pull down flap that helps protect baby from the sun's harmful rays
  • Sun & Bug Cover has a large mesh canopy allows for plenty of room for baby to be comfortable
  • Keeps potentially harmful insects away from baby
  • Both infant carrier covers fit around the infant carrier like a "shower cap" and provide a secured fit and will not blow off infant carrier
  • Our infant carrier covers do not interfere with the child safety straps as recommended by car seat specialists everywhere
  • Easy to use, lightweight and compact for easy storage
  • Lightweight Cozy Cover is weather-repellant and helps protect baby from rain, wind and unwanted touch


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