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The Quimby Coat Children’s Car Seat Coat - Black Ice - 2 in 1 Winter Jacket & Vest for Safety When Travelling in The Car

Every winter is a child safety hazard. Children wearing heavy coats, while on a car seat is extremely dangerous. The harness does not fit properly. When tightened over a winter coat in the event of a crash, this slack on the harness can prevent the car seat from doing its job.

Now, there is a solution with the Quimby Coat. The child can either wear the full coat system or just the warm jacket out of the car. The vest comes off so easily that a three year old can do it. 

The design keeps bulky material from getting in the way of the buckle. The Quimby label on the jacket tells you exactly where to put the chest clip. The jacket stays on the child during travel. This allows the child to stay warm when getting into the car and after reaching the destination. It also allows the parent to avoid the struggle.

When the child gets out of the car, they can wear the jacket or easily put the vest back on. We are making it easy to do the right thing. The Quimby Coat has been crash tested and meets the FMVSS 213 safety standard. 

It is easy to use and convenient. The Quimby Coat is crash sled tested and Mommy approved!

  • WINTER JACKET & VEST IN 1 FOR SAFETY: When a child wears a bulky winter jacket it can prevent the seatbelts from working effectively. Quimby Coat allows you to easily remove the bulky vest while still keeping your child warm in the car.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH THE FIVE POINT HARNESS: The jacket can be worn while the child is riding in a car seat. The down filled sleeves provide warmth while the fleece body allows the harness to fit properly.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH CONVERTIBLE CAR SEATS: This jacket is compatible with rear facing and forward facing seat and any combination seats. There is a unique design on the bottom of the front of the jacket to eliminate bulky material from interfering with the buckle.
  • COMFORTABLE, CONVENIENT AND VERSATILE: The vest layer is added to the jacket when the child is NOT in the car seat. The addition of a vest is a very simple procedure that a toddler can do so it is extremely convenient. There are no zippers needed to attach the sleeves and it is so much easier and faster than adding an additional layer that has sleeves attached. This vest layer comes with a hood and adds extra warmth for outdoor play.
  • CRASH SLED TESTED, MOMMY APPROVED: This jacket has been crash sled tested and does not interfere with the car seat's ability to meet FMVSS 213 safety standard.