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Cozy Cover Infant Car Seat Cover

The Cozy Cover is a warm and soft infant carrier cover that protects your loved one from Mother Nature's elements such as rain, snow, wind, unwanted touch and more. Fits around the infant carrier just like a “shower cap” and is easy to use. Cozy Cover is a must have product for parents on-the-go.
  • Dual zippers allow for easy access to baby and child safety straps
  • No need to use bulky snow suits or jackets (parental discretion)
  • Elasticized edge allows for easy use around infant carrier (fits like a shower cap)
  • Pull down flap covers baby's face from the elements when transporting outdoors
  • Warm, soft and cozy
  • Safe, backless design as recommended by car seat specialists everywhere - There is no material or fabric between baby and infant carrier
  • Machine washable