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EZ-PeeZ Convertible Child Toilet Training Seat - Revolutionary New Childrens Size Potty Toilet On An Adult Toilet Seat With The Click Of A Button

The Ez PeeZ operates as a normal, adult-sized toilet seat, but with a simple flip of the lid, child toilet training becomes easy as one… two… pee! Its packaging has the actual toilet seats design at the back so the customer is going to be able to see what it should look like before they buy it.

​Lot of times kids are scared to sit on the big toilet seat because they are worried they may fall down.
So with a simple 'click' of the button and a flip of the lid it converts to a child size toilet seat - making potty training easy peasy.

Once the little one is finished, they simply flip it down and it locks in place. So whoever comes behind them, they can go to the toilet without the lid flopping around.

The Ez PeeZ has both a slow closing main seat and child seat, so there'll be no 'pinch points' for children.

The top is completely seamless. When an adult sits on top of it  they won't even know that it flips back.

​Everyone in the family including the child in potty training can all use the same toilet seat with Ez PeeZ.